Spring Green residents are fighting to ban research puppy mills because one is trying to move into their town. We’re talking hundreds of dogs, “cared for” by only two adults.

The smell, noise, pollution, and cruelty is a serious concern for residents of Spring Green, but legislators aren’t sure if a puppy mill that sells puppies for brutal experimentation is cause for concern.

So, we’re asking realtors!

  • Do you think that living near a barn housing hundreds of dogs (hounds, no less!) will affect property values?
  • Do you think you’ll be able to sell a neighboring house in the middle of summer when the stench of a dumpster filled with rotting feces catches the breeze?
  • Do you think home buyers will find hundreds of baying hounds to be an attractive idea for their country home?
  • Do you think home buyers will be excited to learn that the puppies kept in the barn will be sold to laboratories across the country and most will be dead within a year?

The petition reads as follows:

As a real estate professional, I can assure you that when my clients find out that Spring Green allowed a research puppy mill, they will simply buy a home in another area. The combined effect of the noise from barking dogs, the smell from the waste of so many dogs, and the knowledge that such cruelty is occurring in their backyards will be more than enough to make them look elsewhere. Spring Green houses will sit on the market for much longer than normal, as the smell will make them nearly impossible to sell during the summer months, and ultimately, all of Spring Green property values will suffer.

For the welfare of your residents and to protect the investments they have made in their home and their community, I urge you to immediately pass legislation that will prevent businesses that profit from dog experimentation from coming to Spring Green.

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