Volunteer Opportunities


Are you interested in fostering a beagle who has been rescued from a lab or research puppy mill? Our foster families care for newly rescued dogs while we arrange vet care and a forever home. Fostering can last anywhere from 1-3 months.

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Are you interested in adopting a beagle who has been rescued from a lab or research puppy mill? We are looking for loving forever homes!


Science Council

Are you a scientist, veterinarian, or doctor that supports our mission?  Our Science Council is made up of professional advisors who provide scientific and medical expertise in support of ending forced experimentation on dogs and cats.  We rely on members of the Science Council to write letters to the editor, serve as panelists at educational forums, speak at public hearings, and meet with elected officials in support of our efforts.

Requirements: Science Council applicants must have a degree in a relevant field of study

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Our grassroots volunteer base is made up of people with a wide array of backgrounds!  We are 100% volunteer run, so volunteers do everything – help organize public protests and vigils, staff our booth at local festivals and events, knock on doors to gather signatures, meet with elected officials, help fundraise, provide legal advice/language, and more.  

Requirements: Volunteer applicants must live within driving distance of Dane County, WI, and must attend at least four meetings or events per year.

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Maybe you don’t have time to volunteer in person, but you still want to help. 

Supporters will be asked to place yard signs in their yards during campaigns, will be invited to large public protests and vigils, and will be asked to write letters to the editor in support of our efforts.

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