Legal Risks of Research Puppy Mills

Research puppy mills are part of a large, financially lucrative industry that has lobbyists and lawyers ready to fight any attempts to restrict their ability to operate.  While this can be intimidating, it is worth noting that at least five communities have proactively passed bans on research puppy mills and none of these communities were sued.  However, when a research puppy mill applied for a conditional use permit in the village of Spring Green, the village of Spring Green tried to deny that CUP and the research puppy mill sued – and won, because the village of Spring Green did not have a ban in place at the time of the CUP application.  Spring Green was forced to allow an unwanted business because the village board hadn’t imagined that a research puppy mill would ever choose their community.  Don’t let that happen to your community. Proactively banning these facilities is the best way to protect your community from lawsuits.