Spring Green residents are fighting to ban research puppy mills, but legislators aren’t hearing them!

They need proof that they should ban research puppy mills?
Let your dollars do the talking!

While we are not excited about hurting the economy of Spring Green, the fact is that some things are more important than money – like saving the lives of these innocent dogs and protecting the small town charm of this community.

The minute legislation is passed that will ban research puppy mills in the town of Spring Green, we will let you know, and we will encourage you to show Spring Green your appreciation.

Until then, join us, speak out, and boycott Spring Green!

The petition reads as follows:

As long as Spring Green is home to a research puppy mill, I will boycott the American Players Theater, the Art Fair, downtown shops and surrounding restaurants, Taliesen, local artists and galleries, camping at Wisconsin Riverside Resort, and the Fall Art Tour.

I love Spring Green because it is a quaint small town with lots of charm and character. The existence of a research puppy mill changes my view of your beautiful town. I am grateful to the legislators that have listened to the residents of Spring Green and I encourage you to immediately pass legislation banning research puppy mills so that I can once again enjoy the attractions that make Spring Green a valuable part of Sauk County.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.

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